Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

'Jintin' means ‘Jintin Trading Pty Ltd’, A.B.N. 73 086 863 327 and all related trademarks;


'TOWER® Fastening Systems' is a registered trademark of Jintin Trading Pty. Ltd.


‘Customer’ means the person or entity acquiring or offering to acquire products from Jintin and where there is more than one customer, the customer’s covenants and obligations are joint and several;


‘Products’ mean all products, (including, without limitation, accessories, tools) services and equipment supplied or to be supplied by Jintin to the customer;


‘Conditions’ means these conditions of sale;

1. Terms

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Jintin, these conditions will apply to all quotations, orders and offers in relation to the products and the sale, supply, service and replacement of all products and will take precedence over any inconsistent provisions in any customer order.

2. Prices

The price payable for goods shall be the current price at the day of dispatch. Prices quoted by Jintin are subject to change without notice although where possible Jintin will endeavour to give reasonable notice. In particular but without limitation, changes may be necessary to correct errors or allow for increases in the cost of labour, materials, freight, foreign exchange rates, taxes, duty or other levies taking effect prior to the date of delivery.


2.1 The box quantities referred to in TOWER® Fastening System price list are minimum sale quantity.


2.2 Special prices on bulk items are available upon request.


2.3 Customers are liable to pay GST on all items shown, and will be charged accordingly.


3. Title and Risk

Jintin and the customer agree that the ownership of the goods delivered by Jintin, to the customer will not pass to the customer until such time as the goods the subject of the contract have been paid for in full.


 3.1 Until some payment has been made the customer holds the goods as bailee for Jintin and shall safely and securely store the goods separately from other goods on the premises of the customer in such a manner as to show clearly that the goods are the property of Jintin.


3.2 Where payment is not made on or before the due date or due to an act of insolvency, then;

(a) Jintin may terminate any contract relating to the goods at any time and without prejudice to any other rights it may have against the customer.

(b) The customer shall, should Jintin so require, deliver up the goods to Jintin failing which Jintin is hereby irrevocably authorised to enter at any time by its servants or agents the place where the goods are situated and to repossess the goods, and to remove the goods from any vessel, vehicle, or other place.


 3.3. Goods shall remain the absolute property of Jintin as legal or equitable owner until such time as the purchased shall have paid to TOWER® Fastening System the agreed price. Following such payment, title to the goods shall be transferred to the customer provided that payment shall not be deemed to be made until any cheque in payment has duly honoured.


4. Payment

Payment for products must be made by the customer to Jintin within thirty days following delivery of Goods.


5. Disclaimer

Where the goods were acquired or hold out as being acquired for re-supply or being used or transformed, in trade or commerce, in the course of a process of production, manufacture, repair or treating of other goods or fixtures on land. Then all warranties and conditions express or implied whether by statute regulation custom or usage are hereby expressly excluded and TOWER® Fastening System shall not be liable for any actual consequential or other loss of expense or damage arising in any way to the supply or use of goods, or their performance.


6. Returns

Any claims made by the customer:

(a) Must be notified to Jintin within 7 days of receipt of goods and must be accompanied by th original notice.

(b) Must be in the same condition as originally supplied to the customer.

7. Inspection By Purchase

The customer is obliged to open and check all goods supplied and to report any alleged deficiency with detail of the invoice number and specification of the claim within 14 days of the date of delivery. Any claims made outside that time will not be accepted for credit.



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